Targeted Paid Ads

Traffic driven to your business with accuracy

Are you looking for clients now?

It is worth paying for ads, only if you know what you're doing. AMJ Digital Solutions  provides your with highly targeted ads to your target market.  We will meet with you to understand what you're goals are for your business to determine the right plan of action before launching campaign. Our team is committed to providing the best leads to give your business the most ROI.

Paid add & ad services that we provide.......

Custom Landing Pages

Having a custom landing page is beneficial to new customer acquisition.  These landing pages are completely optimized to maximize cost per click campaigns for the highest amount of conversions at lowest cost per customer.

Google PPC

If you do not know what your'e doing when running your businesses Google ads, you will not maximize on potential clients.  We research the key words that your new clients are searching to find your digital presence.  Our goal is to work alongside you and your company to help you dominate your market!

Facebook Ad Management

Like Google ads, it is easy to waste your ad money on incorrect targeting.  We will manage your Facebook ads maximize on your customers that are scrolling social media.  The ability to pin point your exact audience is one of the biggest benefits of FB ads. 

Data Tracking

AMJ Digital Solutions will keep a close eye on the data your site and ads are generating.  Our team notices trends to be able to maximize on potential new clients.  We also manage the expenses and budgets so you do not have to. 

No more throwing money out the door!

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