Creating local lead domination in your market!

Where are you ranking in the local searches?

Our bread and butter is local lead generation here at AMJ Digital Solutions. With the variety of searches that people are using today, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Places, and many other search engines… We are able to grab those leads and filter them to you.  Best part about it, they are exclusive to you..NO lead sharing! 

Lead Generation for Local Markets

How are we doing this you might ask……

Site Structure

Like SEO, We are going to focus on structuring your website for your local client.  We will create a plan of action for your local users and what will be best for them to navigate.  

Optimization using Google Local

Google is the largest search engine on the internet today.  They are responsible for billions of dollars of revenue brought to businesses every year.  We will help you take advantage of that and dominate your local market. 

Competition Research

Knowing what your competition is doing to take your clients is key to overtaking the market. We use a multitude of tools and extensive research to beat out your competition to capture the end user.  Missing this step in the process is crucial to the growth of your business.

Building Local Links

The art of generating local leads is in building local links.  You need your business to be active in the local directories.  AMJ Digital does not only the heavy, but the light lifting too!  

Local Social Media

It is the digital age and people are constantly looking at their phones wether it be searching Google or scrolling Facebook.  We are able to capture the social media market and bring them to your social media pages.

Local Audits

We are in full force to take over your local market and make your business grow.  Batteries are not running low.  Through our audit process, we will know exactly where you stand and the areas we will need to help you to better your rankings. 

Are you missing out on business everyday?