Your site should be built right and completely optimized

Is your website converting the way it shold be?

AMJ Digital Solutions is building sites to do what they are supposed to do, generate leads to your business!  Our company was built on lead generation, we truly believe this goes further than just paying for ads.  Having a completely optimized website also included having easy design, keyword rich content, and a smooth customer experience. 

Our web development process is like a work of art….

Built to Convert

Every business has the same goal, convert leads to sales! It is a beautiful thing the way lead generation works.  Our team completes your new website with the power of converting those leads to appointments which will in turn be more sales for your business. Word of mouth is great, organic leads are the icing on the cake.  Structuring your new website right the first time will allow leads to funnel into your calendar without you having to call to make the appointment. 


We will maintain a unique design across all your marketing efforts to maximize on grabbing the attention of current and future customers.  You know your brand best, but we know marketing, so we will work inline with you to be able to plan accordingly reach your goal in the shortest amount of time possible.  Your authority in the market will be noticed and in turn traffic will be driven to you. 

Responsive Design

Having a design that is mobile friendly and responsive is not only important for the search engines, but most of all, your captured audience.  Wether the user is using a small or large screen, this will increase the time that your audience stays on your site. Because search engines also like responsive designs, you will be rewarded with improvements in your rankings. 

Are you looking for a new site like these?